Depression and Animal Rescue

Depression is common among animal rescuers, foster parents, shelter workers and volunteers. Grace, the heroine of The Patron Saint of Dogs, may be fictional, but the suffering she feels is real. Bless all of the unsung animal rescue heroes doing these heartbreaking jobs♥

Emerald City Pet Rescue

For today’s Emerald City Pet Rescue blog I thought I would discuss something I know all of you animal rescuers and even animal adopters can relate to, and that is depression and animal rescue. It could even be depression when we find out one of our fur kids are sick or ill, pets lost, or pet death etc.

No one ever said animal rescue would be easy. Sometimes it can just be one thing that gets you into ‘stinking thinking’ – wanting to quit, wanting to give up, wanting your normal life back.

Contemplate that for a second in the ‘big picture’. You signed up for this. Yes, we all are free to make our own decisions and possibly ‘walk away’. Sometimes the photos and stories of the animal abuse and neglect and the ones we couldn’t save can just be too much on certain days.

If you were to…

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About The Patron Saint of Dogs
Writing The Patron Saint of Dogs is my way of helping to save abused and abandoned dogs and cats in the real world. A portion of every sale will be donated to animal rescue organizations in Canada and around the world. My name is Colleen MacDougall and I was a dog walker and pet sitter for 11 years. Many of the furry characters in this book are reincarnations of wonderful animals I was able to know, love and help, especially Jules, who is Grace's partner-in-crime now, but was my furbaby and the very first person I hope to see in that great off-leash park in dog heaven.

If you like The Patron Saint of Dogs, please share it. All feedback is welcome.

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