About The Patron Saint of Dogs & author Colleen MacDougall

About the novel:

The Patron Saint of Dogs portrays an animal rescuer named Grace who has dedicated her life to saving abused and abandoned animals — if only she could save herself.

Roaming back alleys with her canine partners-in-crime, she searches for animals to help and tries to bring justice to their abusers.

Bullied as a child, Grace prefers pets to people. She’s done with romance but isn’t short of suitors. Traumatized by tragedy and mourning the animals she can’t help, she sacrifices herself for her cause. Struggling with depression, anxiety and her impulsive nature, Grace is her own worst enemy.

When a series of dog poisonings and dognappings strikes close to home, she’ll need help to confront her toughest challenges.

But as Grace fights to save neglected animals, she’ll be forced to confront her own negligence — and the family she’s turned her back on.

(No animals are seriously harmed in the story. I can’t read that stuff or write it)

Click the links under Chapters to read the first half of this novel free before it is published

About author Colleen MacDougall and fund raising:

I’ve dreamed of being a superhero – Animal Avenger! – who rescues dogs and cats and brings justice to those who do them wrong, but I don’t know if I could handle the tragedies.

Which made me wonder: what would happen to a soft-hearted soul like myself if she was obsessed with saving every abused or abandoned animal she met but knew she couldn’t? Would she still try to make a difference, or would she be haunted by the ones she couldn’t save?

That dream inspired this novel. I spent 11 years as a dogwalker (see avatar and cover) and learned a lot about pets and their people along the way. Many of the animals I knew, loved and tried to help — and their true stories — are included in the novel. Some of the heartaches and victories I experienced on the job and trying to rescue animals are shared in this fictional tale. Jules is inspired by my dearly departed dog, and Psycho is based on my hellion of a cat. See my slideshow, Dogs and Cats We Love, to view their pictures.

Writing this novel is my way of saving as many animals as I can in the real world. The Patron Saint of Dogs is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for homeless animals. Enlightening without being preachy, once published, a portion of every sale will be donated to rescue groups and shelters in Canada and around the world. See my page — A Promise – above for details. You can also follow me on Twitter @PatronSaintDogs

The first half of The Patron Saint of Dogs will be available for your reading pleasure free of charge on this website.

Colleen MacDougall lives and writes in Brampton, Ontario, Canada with her psycho Kitty and phobic golden retriever, Boxer. The Patron Saint of Dogs is a work in progress but is © Copyright protected and all rights are reserved by the author. You can contact her at thepatronsaintofdogs@gmail.com

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  3. That is nice bonus for victory. thepatronsaintofdogs.com

  4. Eileen says:

    Is there an update on when this book will be published? I miss reading about Grace and her adventures. Will it be available as an Amazon Kindle book? (I hope so.)

    • My humble apologies for the delay. The author found misfortune during the writing of the final chapters…it’s taken me a long while to regain center… now I’m just back to a day job to fend off eviction… grace’s story is written in my head, and she will be back…. and on Kindle in the end. 😇 Thanks for caring *cyber hug*

  5. Charlotte Dancisin-Wright says:

    From building the story line and your bio. It is definitely one for my eyes. I’m a very picky reader, if something loses me, it gets put back on the shelf. This sounds appealing: definitely not one for my shelf!

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