A Promise

As the author of The Patron Saint of Dogs, you have my promise that….

1)The novel will avoid graphic descriptions of animal cruelty or serious neglect. I can’t stand to read them and I won’t be able to write them. So please relax and enjoy the book, knowing I will try my very best not to upset you while still trying to portray the reality of animals in need.

2) Once the book is fully published, starting with the first copy sold, part of every sale of the novel will be donated to animal rescue groups and shelters anywhere and everywhere animals are in need. The more copies that sell, the higher the percentage of donations can be given from the royalties. I’m hoping to start with a minimum of 50 cents per book sold and work up to $1 per book.

3) Donations will be made from my personal royalties based on the geographical location of the purchaser. For example, if 25% of sales come from each of Canada, the US and the UK, and the remaining 25% are split among 5 other countries, then donations will be split among a few of each country’s animal shelters and rescue groups proportionately. We will continue to spread out the donations within a country over time to ensure that as many of the groups and shelters in need will receive our collected generosities. When I pass away, with the exception of provisions for my own pets, executor and admin fees, all of the royalties will go to animal charities in perpetuity.

4) The Patron Saint of Dogs is, and will remain, bi-partisan. There will be no  preferences or exclusive allegiances to any one animal rescue group or association, training method or technique, pure breeds or mutts, puppies or older dogs, private groups or public. Our love of animals is universal, as is their need. TPSOD will not take sides in any in-fighting and ask that we be left out of it. These books are being written to help save as many animals as we can, nothing more, nothing less.

5) As the series of books unfolds, other animals, especially horses and wildlife, will be included in Grace’s rescue efforts, and donations will be made accordingly.

6) Colleen MacDougall reserves the right to choose the rescue groups and shelters that donations will be made to. I will research and do a background check on any recipient before making a donation. I also promise to keep a Donations Page posted and updated at all times, showing the number of books sold, and the donations given and where, so that readers can rest assured I have kept my word.

These are my promises, and they are made sincerely, wholeheartedly, and with the best of intentions.

Yours truly,

Colleen MacDougall
Author, The Patron Saint of Dogs

2 Responses to A Promise

  1. Julia says:

    Clearly, you have given this a lot of thought. I applaud your efforts, including your resolve to stay focused on the most important goal and not be distracted by in-fighting. Our animal friends cannot afford it and neither can we. I wish you the best!

    • Thank you Julia.
      I sincerely hope you enjoy the book and it can transcend the strife in the animal welfare community. Outspoken as I am I wanted to plant my flag of neutrality upfront. Hoping for support from all animal lovers on this so we can raise funds for animal charities 🙂

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